Lunartic - how to shoot a plane flying across full Moon

Moon is fascinating, our brain makes it look larger then in reality. It looks massive sometimes next to city building and comes out tiny in a photo. The other issue is that it is too bright compared to the other objects in the surroundings.

To make things even more complicated lets try to catch an airplane when flying across the Moon ... how exciting. So this is what I do:

Choose a place where there are plenty of planes, not too big and not too small just the right size to fit into the "size" of the moon. If you live in London there are plenty of such places, I usually go to the Millennium Bridge. 

Wait for full Moon or even better if it is a supermoon. 

Be there when the Moon is rising, this is the time when it looks the biggest. Make sure you have clear view towards the direction where the Moon will cross the horizon. You can download sky map apps for free. 

Set your camera to continuous shooting mode, low ISO e.g. 100, shutter speed 1/800  and wait for a plan crossing. May the luck be with you ...

I did just these steps on the 1st of Jan, it was really really windy and cold on the Millennium Bridge, I got sick for 3 days after that ... but was it worth? I think yes